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Fore Fun Distribution is excited to be a 2017 preferred vendor of the GTAA (Golf Tournament Association of America)!  As a GTAA preferred member, we distribute the best golf snacks for tournaments to use as giveaways in tee bags or as prizes for raffles and silent auctions.

For tournaments and outings around the country, we have a special wholesale offer on our products that are listed below.  To place an order, please email or call 952-270-5428 and mention ‘GTAA Tournament’.  Purchasing directly through our online store will not give you the wholesale rates.  All of our items will arrive within 5 business days after payment is received.

1.  40 Games FORE Golf Book

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 7.29.44 AM

An awesome gift bag add if you are looking for a fun and inexpensive item to give out to your players.  The 32 page

book promotes FUN and covers the rules of the 40 most popular on course games/wagers that golfers can use to add some competition to a round.   The books sell for just $2.25 per book with a minimum purchase of 40 books, but mention “GTAA” in your email and we will sell them for just $1.85/book and just $2.25/book to have it customized with your tournament or sponsor’s info (see the picture).  The book retails for $5.00 online and at Golf Galaxys nationwide.   To order a Fore Fun book or other items for your tournament, please email and mention “GTAA Tournament”. 



NEW Salted Nut Roll

The Salted Nut Roll is golf’s official snack and the perfect bar for any gift bag or free grab item at a tournament/outing.  Manufactured by Pearson’s Candy, the bar is newly packaged for golfers with four great benefits.

1.  Gluten Free.   2.  8gs of protein    3.  No chocolate = no melting in the sun.   4.  Amazing taste (especially with a beer).

SNR Carton

Nut Rolls come in a box of 24 bars and cost just $15.60/box ($0.65/bar).  The Nut Roll adds a small golf touch to any event that your participants will truly enjoy.  Tournaments have had success giving these out:  1.  In gift bags   2.  At registration.  3.  By the beverage cart  4.  At a hole where drinks/beer is provided.  5.  Great addition to any silent auction prize.  For every 5 boxes that are purchased, we donate one box to your cause which ends up being 144 bars for only $0.54 per bar.  Fore Fun Game Cards will also be provided for free for each golfer with any Salted Nut Roll purchase which are great to give out to help golfers have some fun on the course!

Email to order your Salted Nut Rolls today!

With any Salted Nut Roll tournament purchase…your tournament will Get FREE Fore Fun Game Cards for all of your goodie bags!  The 4×6 inch cards help promote fun on the course either during the tournament or for your golfers after the event.  It’s a great free giveaway addition that golfers will appreciate and why not, its free!  It has a couple advertisements on the card for our other products (Salted Nut Roll and Book) and even allows your golfers a chance to win free Nut Rolls for a year!

PearsonsScreen Shot 2015-07-05 at 12.35.40 PM

3. 1st & 10th Tee PLUS Bars


A great energy bar that helps fuel golfers during their tournament round.  Bars come in different flavors.

1st Tee Bar Flavors:  Chocolate Peanut, Oatmeal Raisin, Dark Chocolate Chip and Honey Almond.

10th Tee Bar Flavors:  Peanut Honey and Chocolate Caramel

Costs for box of 12:    1st tee:  $17.00         10th tee: $14.00

4.  Jack Links Beef Jerky

1.25 oz

Jack Links is the most popular jerky brand around the country and Sasquatch thinks it’s a great option for tournaments.  We offer two simple options if you think your golfers would enjoy a nice jerky snacks.

1.  1.25oz Bags.  Flavors: Original, Teriyaki and Peppered.  1 case = 60 bags.   Cost = $158.4/case

2. 1oz Strips.  Flavors: Original.  1 case = 48 strips.  Cost = $64.8/case

Thanks FORE Checking out our tournament offerings!

-BJ & Jeremy @ Fore Fun Distribution Team ( or 952-270-5428)