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A good game for 3 people with different skill levels.  Every hole will bring a new look and feel to the competition.  A similar game to ‘Wolf’ but this is meant for 3 golfers instead of 4.

How To Play

All 3 players tee off.

  • On par 4s and 5s, the second-longest drive becomes the Wolfman.
  • On par 3s, the second closest to the hole is the Wolfman.

The other two golfers become the Hunters. If handicaps are known, it is a good idea to take them into account.

How To Score

After the hole is played out, the Wolfman’s individual score is doubled and the Hunters’ scores are added together.  If the Wolfman’s doubled score is lower than the combined score of the Hunters, the Wolfman wins that hole’s point.  If the Hunters have the lower score, then they each win that hole’s point.

‘Wolfman’ scores a 4 which is doubled and that = 8.  ‘Hunters’ score a 4 & 5 which = 9.  Because the ‘Wolfman’s’ score is less than the ‘Hunter’s’ score, the “Wolfman would win 1 point on this hole.

How To Win

The winner is the Player with the most cumulative points at the end of the round!

Points can have a predetermined value (e.g. $1 or 1 golf ball), or you could all wager something to throw into the ‘pot’ in which the Player with the most points just wins the ‘pot’ (e.g. cold post round beverage or $5).

More Info

EXAMPLE:  Nate, Sam and Ben all have similar handicap.

Hole 1:

  • Nate, Sam and Ben all tee off and Nate’s drive is the furthest.
  • Nate becomes the ‘wolfman’ and Sam & Ben team up as the ‘hunters’
  • At the end of the hole, Nate scores a 5 and Sam & Ben score a 6 & 7.
  • Nate’s score is doubled which equals 10.  Because Nate’s doubled score is less than Sam & Ben’s combined score of 13, Nate will win 1 point on hole 1.

Hole 2:

  • Nate, Sam and Ben all tee off and Sam’s drive is the furthest.
  • Sam becomes the ‘wolfman’ and Nate & Ben team up as the ‘hunters’
  • At the end of the hole, Sam scores a 7 and Nate & Ben score a 6 & 4.
  • Sam’s score is doubled which equals 14.  Because Sam’s doubled score is more than Nate & Ben’s combined score of 10, Nate & Ben will each win 1 point on hole 2.

After two holes the total score would be:  Nate = 2 Points, Ben = 1 Point, Sam = 0 points.

Nate, Sam and Ben would continue this format for the rest of their round.

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