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This is a great game fore a group looking or tournament organizer to mix things up for a round.  As you could guess by the name, Uno Club only allows players to use 1 club for the whole round.  Better choose wisely!  If you don’t like carrying your bag, this might be the perfect format for you.

How To Play

Each golfer gets to pick one club and one club only to use on every shot (including putts) throughout the round.  After the club is selected, lay out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.

How To Score

Normal strokeplay scoring is reccomended.

How To Win

Player with the least amount of strokes wins!

More Info

Golfers will usually choose a 5, 6 or 7 iron in these tournaments.  Nice part about this game is you don’t have to carry around your whole bag of clubs!

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