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The goal is to collect the least amount of points throughout the round.  Your overall score is not as important as the points you accumulate throughout the round.

How To Play

Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible, but make sure to focus on every shot to stay out of ‘trouble’.  If you are going to hit some poor shots, make sure to keep it on the green grass!

How To Score

Although you don’t want points, this is how you would get them.  You will get 1 point if you hit your ball:

  • out of bounds
  • in a water hazard
  • in a bunker
  • or if you 3-putt.

You can erase all the points that you accumlate on a hole if you get a par on the hole.  You could change this rule based on your skill level to bogey or double bogey.

How To Win

The winner is the Player with the least cumulative points at the end of the round!

Points can have a predetermined value (e.g. $1 or 1 golf ball), or you could all wager something to throw into the “pot” in which the Player with the most points just wins the ‘pot’ (e.g. cold post round beverage or $5).

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