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This is a ‘match play’ tournament where each player is playing a match against the other two players at the same time on each hole.  If you have different skill levels, make sure to incorporate handicaps.

How To Play

Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible and beat your two opponents.

Player A is playing against Player B and C.  Player B is playing against players A and C.  Player C is playing against Player A and B.

How To Score

Match Play is a scoring system in which a player earns a point for each hole in which they have bested their opponents.  No matter how many strokes they beat an oppornent by, only 1 point is awarded.  No points are awarded for ties.

How To Win

The fun part about this game is that you have two chances to win.  This also gives you options to make different wagers against your opponents.

  • Player A and B could wager a candy bar.
  • Player A and C could wager a cold beverage.
  • Player B and C could wager dinner.

More Info

EXAMPLE (all players have the same handicap):

Hole 1:

  • Player A scores 3
  • Player B scores a 4
  • Player C scores a 5.

After hole 1 Player A is 1 up on player B and 1 up on Player C.  After hole 1, Player B is 1 up on Player C.

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