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Shamble is very similar to a ‘Scramble’ where teams of 2-4 (usually 4) are set up to compete against other groups in a tournament style format.

How To Play

Everyone in the group tees off and the group decides on the best tee shot (just like a scramble).  Everyone hits their second shot from the same spot, but here is where it becomes different from a scramble.

After everyone’s second shot, instead of going choosing the best shot by the team, everyone individually plays out their own ball for the rest of the hole.  All four players will their own individual score in which the lowest score from the group is recorded as the team score.

This style tournament usually can speed up play as it allows everyone to play the second shot from the fairway (hopefully).

How To Score

After the hole, each player will have their own individual score and the team records the lowest Player’s score as the team’s score for each hole.

How To Win

The team with the overall lowest total score after the round wins!

More Info


Players A, B, C and D all tee off.  It is decided that Player B has the best tee shot.  All players grab their balls and bring them to the location of Player Bs’.  From this spot forward all players individually play out the rest of the hole.

Hole 1:

Player A scores a 5, Player B scores a 4, Player C scores a 4 and Player D scores a 6.

The team records a 4 on the team scorecard as that was the lowest score from the group.

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