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A game where overall score doesn’t necessarily matter as much.  Focus on closing out the front and back 9 with the low score in your group to win the wager!

How To Play

The goal of the game is to become the ‘rabbit’.  To become the ‘rabbit’ you must have the sole low score on a hole.  Once the group has a ‘rabbit’ the other players try to unleash the ‘rabbit’.  To unleash the ‘rabbit’ someone in the group must score lower on a hole than the current ‘rabbit’.  Once the ‘rabbit’ is unleashed the ‘rabbit’ is up for grabs again.

The goal is to be the ‘rabbit’ on the 9th and 18th hole which can be worth a certain pay out.  You could also decide different holes to award points for.

How To Score

You score points or win the wager only If you are holding onto the ‘rabbit’ after the 9th or 18th hole (or specified holes).


How To Win

More Info


Hole 1: Players A, B, C, and D tee off and play out the hole normaly.  Players score A=5 B=7 C=5 D=4.  Since Player D was the sole low score, he/she is now the “rabbit”.

Hole 2:  Players play out hole normally and score: A=3 B=3 C=4 D=4.  Because Player D was the “rabbit” and got beat, the “rabbit” is set free and up for grabs on the next hole.

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