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A game that everyone can participate in once they have reached the green.  Perfect fore beginners or groups with mixed skills.

How To Play

Once everyone is on the green, everyone gets 1 putt to score points.  If you do not 1 putt, then you don’t get any points on the hole.  Points are assigned different values for each player based on how close they are to the hole.

This game is meant for four players, but can be played with groups of 3 or 5 as well, just modify the scoring.

How To Score

Scoring is different for every player once everyone’s ball is on the green:

Four Players:

  • The player furthest from the hole has a chance for 4 points
  • Second furthest player has a chance for 3 points
  • Third furthest player has a chance for 2 points
  • Closest player to the hole has a chance for 1 point.

Other Additions:  If someone three putts it can be worth -1 point.  Holing a shot from off the green can be worth 5 points.

How To Win

Add up your total points at the end of the round.The winner is the Player with the most cumulative points.

Points can have a predetermined value (e.g. $1 or 1 golf ball), or you could all wager something to throw into the “pot” in which the Player with the most points just wins the “pot” (e.g. $5  or a bag of chips).

More Info

Bonuses can be awarded if a player makes a shot worth every different scoring level throughout the round.  Remember, you only get one putt on each hole to score points!

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