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A competitive side bet on the putting green.  A Polee is earned by a golfer who sinks a putt that is longer than the lenth of the flagstick.

How To Play

Golf green

Two ways to play a Polee:

Option 1:  Each Polee achieved is worth an assigned monetary value or points.

Option 2:  All participating players contribute money or a wager to ‘the pot’.  When a Polee is made, the golfer who just made the Polee owns ‘the pot’.  This player owns ‘the pot’ until another golfer gets a Polee.  The player who owns ‘the pot’ at the end of the round, keeps the pot!


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  1. Dave

    Minneapolis, MN

    We play a similar game called ‘wad’ that mixes these rules up just a bit. Everyone agrees on the wager (lets say $1). If someone hits a putt outside the length of the flagstick then they get the ‘wad’ ($4 if playing with 4 players). this player owns the ‘wad’ until the next player hits a putt outside the length of flagstick. The second person to sink the putt throughout the round wins the ‘wad’ ($4 if playing with 4 players) and the other $4 already won by the other player. The player that hits the last putt outside of the length of the flagstick during the whole round would wins all the money. (hopefully this makes sense). Ex: If there were 4 players that made 6 putts outside the length of flagstick then the player to make the last of these putts would win $24.

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