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Poison is a fun game to play while waiting on the tee box for the slow group in front of you to play the hole.  A game to pass the time that doesn’t even necessarily need a wager.

How To Play

If you have ever played croquet, this is similar.

All players place their ball near one of the tee box markers.  Players alternate shots trying to hit the opposite tee box marker.  If you shoot and your ball doesn’t hit the markers, let the other players shoot until it is your turn again.  If your ball hits the tee box marker, you get to play again aiming back at the original tee box marker.  Once a player gets the ball to hit the original tee box marker, they become ‘poison’.

When a player is ‘poison’ their goal is to try and hit their opponent’s balls.  If your ball is hit by a ball that is ‘poison’, then you lose.  More than one person can be ‘poison’ at the same time, but the person hitting their ball has the most power.

The last player standing is the winner!

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  1. Eric Grover


    This game comes in handy on a packed course… it’s simple and gives you something other than the beverage cart to make waiting on the tee box more fun!

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