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A fun head to head game to play with two people.  On each hole if you do well – you win a point, but you also allow your opponent to pick a club out of your bag and not allow you to use it the rest of the round.  We hope you don’t have a favorite club!

How To Play

Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.

After each hole, the Player that loses the hole chooses one club from their opponent’s bag and bans them from using this club for the rest of the round.

How To Score

Match Play format means that the player with the lowest score “wins the hole” and gets 1 point.

How To Win

The winner is the Player with the most cumulative points (holes won) at the end of the round.

Points can have a predetermined value (e.g. $1 or 1 golf ball), or you could all wager something to throw into the “pot” in which the Player with the most points just wins the “pot” (e.g. cold post round beverage or $5).

More Info

Make sure to agree on whether the putter can be part of the game.  Also, make sure each Player starts with the same amount of clubs in their bag.


Hole 1:  Joey shoots a 4 and beats Ben who shot a 6.  Joey gets 1 point, but Ben chooses to eliminate Joey from using his driver for the rest of the round.

Hole 2:  Joey shoots a 3 and beats Ben again who shot a 4.  Joey gets 1 point, but Ben chooses to eliminate Joey from using his Pitching Wedge for the rest of the round.

After two holes, Joey has 2 points, but is also without his driver and PW for the remainder of the round.

close-up of golf clubs

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