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A individual tournament format for groups of any size in which most players don’t keep an accurate handicap.  You might need a math whiz, calculator and someone who really understands the scoring to figure this one out.

How To Play

Tournament organizers should pick six holes.  Usually two par 3s, two par 4s and two par 5s.  It doesn’t have to be one of each per nine holes, but it usually is.  Other players do NOT know which holes have been choosen.  One way is also to select them out of a hat and keep them all secret until the end.

Groups tee off and play out each hole as they normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible..  The maximum score should be a double par (Ex. Par 3 the max score is a 6)

How To Score

Each player should add up the total score of the six chosen holes.  Players then multiply this total by 3.  Then minus the par of the course.  Then multiply this number by 80%.  This then equals the player’s allowance.  The allowance is then subtracted from the Player’s total score to figure out their “Peoria” score.  (WOW!  Did you follow all of that?)

How To Win

The Player with the highest score wins the match!  You can either play against the people in your foursome or play against everyone in the tournament.

More Info


Josh shot a 92 on the round where the par for the course was 72.  On the six holes that were selected, Josh shot a 3, 4, 4, 7, 6 , 5 =29.  Times this number (29) by 3 = 87.  Minus par (87 – 72) = 15.  80% of 15 =  12.  Josh’s total score is 92 so – 12 = 80!



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