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Did you have someone drop out of your foursome and you are looking to find a fun game to play?  ‘Mr. Invisible’ is an easy game that will make it feel like that person never left your group.

How To Play

This game is similar to the games “Wolf” or “Wolfman” as teams rotate each hole based on the designated players decision.

Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.

Players rotate being the ‘designated player’.  Decide the order in which to tee off.  An easy way to do this is have everyone put their ball into a hat and draw randomly.  This order stays the same for all holes, but rotates for who goes first (i.e. The player who tees off 2nd on hole 1 goes first on hole 2, followed by the player who went third on hole one, and so on).

Rotation would look like this

  • Hole 1: Player A, Player B, Player C (designated player)
  • Hole 2: Player B, Player C, Player A (designated player)
  • Hole 3: Player C, Player A, Player B (designated player)  etc…….for the rest of the round.

The ‘designated player’ (always 3rd to tee off on each hole) chooses their partner (for that hole only) based on whose drive they prefer.  The ‘designated player’ must select or pass on a player directly after his/her drive w/o the benefit of seeing the other.  There are two possibilities from here:

  1. If the ‘designated player’ chooses not to partner with either of the other two players then they get paired with ‘Mr. Invisible’.  ‘Mr. Invisible’ is guaranteed a bogey on each hole so you would choose him if you don’t think either of the other two players will get a bogey or better. 
  2. If the ‘designated player’ does choose one of the other two players, then the player that did NOT get chosen would partner with ‘Mr. Invisible’.  Again, ‘Mr Invisible’ shoots a bogey every time.

How To Score

Points are given out to the team with the combined low team score.  One of the teams will always be paired with ‘Mr. Invisible’ who shoots a bogey .

  • If you win the hole on the team with two real players then each player gets 1 point.
  • If you win the hole on the team with ‘Mr. Invisible’ then you receive 2 points.

How To Win

The Player with the most cumulative points at the end of the round wins!

More Info

EXAMPLE: Player A, B and C tee off in that order which means Player C is the first ‘designated player’.

Hole 1:  Par 4

Player A tees off (Player C passes), Player B tees off (Player C selects as partner) and they all play out the hole trying normally.  Player A and the “invisible man’ are on a team vs Player C & B.

  • Player A shoots a 4 and the ‘Mr. Invisible’ get a bogey 5.  Combined team total of 9.
  • Player B shoots a 6, Player C shoots a 5.  Combined team total of 11.
  • Player A would receive 2 points because they had the low score combined with ‘Mr. Invisible’.

Hole 1:  Par 3

Player B tees off (Player A passes), Player C tees off (Player A passes) and they all play out the hole trying normally.  Player A and the “invisible man’ are on a team vs Player C & B.

  • Player A shoots a 6 and the ‘Mr. Invisible’ get a bogey 4.  Combined team total of 10.
  • Player B shoots a 4, Player C shoots a 3.  Combined team total of 6.
  • Player B & C would receive 1 point each because they had the low team score.

Continue this format for the rest of the round.

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