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This game is meant fore multiple groups of foursomes that are paired up in equal skilled groups.  Potentially a good game for a bachelor party or wedding outing.

How To Play

Groups of four play a Shamble format (see Shamble rules).  On each hole, one person in each group plays the hole with a pink, orange, yellow or some type of colored ball.

The colored ball is rotated between players on every hole. So if Player A uses it on hole 1, then Player B uses it on 2 and Player C on hole 3 and so on.  After the best drive is chosen by the team, everyone plays out their ball and two scores are recorded.

How To Score

One of the two scores that is recorded from the three golfers using regular balls.  The other score must be from the golfer using the colored ball.

This should put the pressure on the person with the colored ball and also help everyone feel like they are contributing.  Two players should have the colored ball on 4 holes while 2 players only have the colored ball on 3 holes.

How To Win

Teams will add up their two scores on each hole for all 18 holes to get a final score. The foursome with the lowest total score wins between the groups.

Group of golf balls. Colored golf balls are in the range

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