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This is a great game for a large group of players that plan to take over a course for a few hours.  This is comparable to a LARGE match play tournament against many players.   A tournament like this usually needs special permission from the golf course.

How To Play

Get as many people that would like to play and meet on the first tee.  Everyone tees off and plays the hole normally trying to score the lowest score possible.

The goal of the game is to not have the worst score on a hole.  If you have the worst score on the hole then you are eliminated.  After the player/s with the worst score are eliminated on hole 1, the remaining players move on to hole 2.  Everyone plays out the hole 2 normally and the player/s with the worst score are eliminated.

On to hole 3……

How To Score

A Match Play style scoring.  Don’t shoot the worst score on the hole and you move on to the next hole.

How To Win

The winner is the last player standing!

More Info

This game is a little bit of organized chaos as there could be 20 people all playing a hole at once.  To be safe you could go in smaller waves, but players can’t tee off form the next hole until everyone has completed the current hole.

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