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A skins game that values each hole by the handicap it has been assigned.  A perfect game fore groups of 3 or 4 looking to have a competitive good time.  Every hole counts, but some are much more important than the others.

How To Play

Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.

In order to win the skin an individual must shoot the lowest score on a hole (no ties) than any other player.  In the event of a tie, the skin pushes off to the next hole.


How To Score

If you shoot the lowest score in your group (no ties) on a hole, then you win the ‘skin’.  In this game the ‘skin’ is worth  the amount of points of the assigned handicap of that hole.  (Example: If it is the 12 handicap hole, then the winning ‘skin’ would be worth 12 points.)

You can either use the golf course’s pre determined handicaps or you can just decide on your own what holes are going to be worth what amount of points.

How To Win

The winner is the Player with the most ‘skins points’ at the end of the round.   There is usually a set amount wagered on each point (e.g. $0.50).  So if Tony won two skins worth 18 total points and nobody else won any, then everyone would owe Tony $9.  Points can add up quickly so make sure you don’t wager to much on each point.

More Info

EXAMPLE: Tom, Carol and Gail are playing each other.

HOLE 1: (5th handicap)  

Tom shoots a 4, Carol shoots a 4, Gail shoots a 6.  Zero points would be awarded because nobody in the group got the lone low score.

HOLE 2: (12th handicap)

Tom shoots a 6, Carol shoots a 7 and Gail shoots a 5.  Gail has the lone low score so she would win the skin worth 12 points.

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