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A 1 on 1 game that allows a player to double the wager anytime they have ‘the hammer’ and expect to win the hole.

How To Play

Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.  A specific wager is made before anyone tees off (e.g. $0.25)  One person is in possesion of “the hammer” which allows them to double the bet (hammer) at any time on the hole.

If the player decides to use the hammer and double the bet then ‘the hammer’ switches possesion to the other player.  The other player is now able to double the bet again if they feel they will win the hole.  The bet can be doubled numerous times thoughout one hole.  The player with possession of ‘the hammer’ at the end of the hole, carries it over to the next hole.

How To Score

Stroke Play scoring is recommended, so try to shoot the low score with your opponent to win the bet.

How To Win

If you shoot the low score on a hole, you win the wager!  Wagers will likely be different on every hole depending on how many times it is “hammered”.

More Info


BJ & Bryan are wagering $1 per hole.  BJ is in possesion of ‘The Hammer’ and smokes a drive 220 yards down the middle of the fairway.  He is so confident that he will now win the hole that he ‘throws the hammer down ‘s make the wager $2 (the hammer then transfers to Bryan).

Bryan then hits his drive 275 down the middle and ‘throws the hammer down’ again as he thinks he is going to win the hole.  The bet is now $4 with ‘the hammer’ in BJ’s posession.  The rest of the hole is played out with BJ shooting a 6 and Bryan shooting a 4.  Bryan would win the hole and the $4.  Because BJ ended the hole with possession of ‘the hammer’ he carries  it over to the next hole.

You do not need to have an actually hammer to make this game work.

Hammer hitting golf ball on tee on white background

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