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A combination of a scramble and alternate shot format where your opponent gets to choose which drive you take.  Make sure you don’t hit a bad drive or else you and your partner may be forced to play from that spot.

How To Play

Two Player teams of equal skill are paired.  On each hole, both members on each team tee off and the opposing team gets to choose which drive is played – usually picking the worst or “gruesome” shot.

After selecting tee shots, the teams play out the hole in alternate shot format, EXCEPT the player who hit the “gruesome” drive must play the second shot.  Make sure you decide on how you will play a drive that goes “out of bounds”.

How To Score

You can use either a stroke or match play scoring format.

How To Win

The team with the least amount of strokes (strokeplay) or the most amount of holes won (matchplay) at the end of the round wins!

More Info

EXAMPLE:  Dan & Brad vs Rob & Steve.

Hole 1: Each player tees off.

Between Steve &  Rob, Steve hits the worst drive, so Dan & Brad make them play Steve’s ball.  By rule, Steve  will then have to hit the 2nd shot, Rob the 3rd, Steve the 4th, and so on until the ball is holed.  Lets say it took them 7 shots to get the ball in the hole.

At the same time, Dan & Brad tee off.  Steve & Rob decide that Dan had the worst drive so they make them hit from Dan’s ball.  By rule, Dan must hit the 2nd shot, Brad the 3rd, Dan the 4th and so on until the ball is holed.  Lets say it took them 5 shots to get the ball in the hole.

After the first hole, Dan & Brad would either be up 2 strokes (stroke play) or 1 point (match play) because they scored a 5 versus Steve & Rob’s 7.

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