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A game that rewards and challenges players from the tee box based on their score from the last hole.

How To Play

Each player starts off by teeing up from the middle tees (your typical men’s tees are usually white) and plays out the hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.

Scores are recorded for each hole.  The score of the previous hole dictates which tee you tee up from on the next hole.  If you par (or better) the hole you tee up from the back tees on the next hole.  If you bogey the hole you tee up at the same middle tees.  If you double bogey (or worse) you tee up from the forward tees (womens or senior tees – usually red or yellow).

Unless you are a low handicap, stay away from the Championship or furthest away tee boxes.

How To Score

Regular Stroke or Match Play scoring formats are reccomended.

How To Win

Based on your scoring system, add up either the amount of total strokes (strokeplay) or amount of holes won (match play) to decide the winner.

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Hole 1: Sam tees off from the middle tees and gets a par.

Hole 2: Sam tees off from the back tees (because he par’d hole 1) and gets a double bogey.

Hole 3: Sam tees up from the forward tees (because he double bogeyed hole 2) and gets a bogey.

And so on for the rest of the round…..

Because this game could incorporate differnt players hitting from numerous tee boxes, we reccomend only playing this game if you can keep up with the pace of play with the group in front of you.

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