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Do Me Over is a game of mulligans, or do-overs that can be used at any point on the golf course.  Handicaps are converted into free strokes to be used whenever you’d like.

How To Play

Before the round, let your group know what your handicap is.  Whatever your handicap number is, you get to use that amount of mulligans throughout your round.  If your handicap is 15 then you get 15 mulligans.

When you want to use a mulligan, let your group know, hit your shot again and then subtract 1 from your leftover mulligans.  No shot can be replayed twice, so be careful on that second swing!

How To Score

Normal Stroke Play scoring is used, taking into account the mulligans.

How To Win

The winner is the Player with the lowest score at the end of the round!

More Info


If Jer has a handicap of 12, he is given 12 additional free shots to be used as mulligans.  If Jer hits a bad shot, he tells his group he is using a mulligan and then – he hits again!  After this, Jer will have 11 free shots left.

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