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A very similar game to Vegas, but the scoring is a little different.  Beginners should stay away from this game as the rules cater to golfers that regularly shoot par or better on each hole.

How To Play

Two player teams of equal skill are paired.  Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.  Similar to Vegas scoring, scores of each team are not combined; rather, they are paired.

If one of the team members shoots a par or better then scoring is just like Vegas where the lower number goes first.  Example: Players on Team A shoot a 3 & 4 to get a score of 34.

If both players on the team shoot worse than par, then the higher number goes first.  Example:  (Par 4) Players on Team A shoot a 5 & 8 to get a score of 85.

How To Score

If you are the winning Team on a hole, take your team’s score and minus the other Team’s score.  This is the amount of points you win on this hole.  One team will always get zero points unless there is a rare tie.

Throughout the round, you can continue to add or subtract each hole to keep a running total.

How To Win

The team with the most cumulative points at the end of the round wins!

Points can have a predetermined value (e.g. $0.10), or you could all wager something to throw into the “pot” in which the team with the most points just wins the “pot” (e.g. dinner or $5).

FYI:  Points can add up REALLY quickly so be careful what you wager if points are worth a certain amount.

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