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This is not really a game, but more of an atmosphere that can be created during any game that you play.  Golf is a sport of proper etiquette, but in “Crazy Talk” you bend these rules a little as there is no holding back.

How To Play

Crazy Talk creates a fun atmosphere by allowing opposing players to talk, make noise, drop a ball, cough, sneeze, talk on their cell phone or any other form of distraction when another player is about to hit.  This hopefully does two things:

(1)  Helps players focus on their shot and teaches players to block out distractions.

(2)  Hopefully you get your opponent to screw up which will open the door for you to win the hole…if you can keep your focus.

You can play any game under any format and just add in this rule.  Our only recomendation is – don’t do anything to obnoxious to distract other groups on the course.

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