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Unique scoring format for tournaments that have a wide range of skill levels.  Handicapps are a must as players are competing against themselves to score points for their team.

How To Play

Each Player plays out each hole as they normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.  Each player recieves a certain point quota based on their handicap.

The quotas are as follows:  Scratch = 39, 1 handy = 38, 2 handy = 37 , 3 handy = 36 …..36 handy = 2, 37 handy = 1 and 38+handy =1.

Players try to score points on each hole to meet their quota.

How To Score

The scoring system is as follows:

Bogey =1 point

Par = 2 Points

Birdie = 4 Points

Eagle = 8 points

How To Win

Add up your teams total points earned throughout the round.  If any player did not meet or exceed their quota then you must subract the distance from the quota from the Team’s final score.

The Team with the most amount of total points wins!

More Info


Tony = 5 handicap = 34 point quota.  He scored 36 points.

Kamm = 10 handicap = 29 point quota.  He scored 29 points.

Gail = 20 handicap = 19 point quota.  She scored 24 points.

Emily = 30 handicap = 9 point quota.  She scored 6 points. (3 less than her quota)

The total team score would be 95 (36+29+24+6) minus the 3 points Emily was shy of her quota for a grand Team Total of 92 Points (95-3).

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