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A 2 on 2 game where teams bid a certain amount of combined strokes in which they believe it will take the two players to complete the hole.  Think your team can do better, lower the bid and see if it will be accepted!

How To Play

Two player teams of equal skill are paired.  Teams take turns on each hole bidding how many combined strokes they believe it will take to complete the hole.  Example:  A bid of 10 means that the team believes it will take the two players 10 strokes to complete the hole.  That could be player scores of 3 & 7, 4 & 6, or 5 & 5 etc….

After the opening bid has been made the opposing team can either

(1) Lower the bid for themselves

(2) Agree to the bid

(3) Agree to the bid and double the bet.  This would be done if you do not think the other team will be capable of achieving the bid.

How To Score

If the team that is trying to achieve the combined score shoots that number or lower then they win the bet.  If the team shoots a combined score higher than the bet then they lose the bet. You can make each bet worth 1 point (or 2 if doubled).

How To Win

The Team with the most points at the end of the round wins!

More Info

EXAMPLE:  Grover & Ryan versus Mareck & Ders

Hole 1: Grover & Ryan bid out 8 shots on a par 4.  Mareck and Ders agree to the bid.  On the hole Grover shoots a 3 and Ryan shoots a 4, for a combined score of 7.  Because 7 is less than the bid (8), Grover & Ryan win the bet and 1 point.

Hole 2:  Mareck & Ders bid out 12 shots on a par 5.  Ryan & Grover decide to lower the bid to 11.  Mareck & Ders decide to lower the bid one more time to 10.  Ryan & Grover decide to agree to the bid.  On the hole Mareck shoots a 6 and Ders shoots a 5, for a combined score of 11.  Because 11 is more than the bid (10), Grover & Ryan win another bet and another 1 point.

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