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Who doesn’t like when the beverage cart (or gal) drives up on a hole?  In this side bet you will like it even more as points double anytime the cart appears on the hole you are currently playing.

How To Play

This is usually played as a side bet in your standard game of ‘skins’ (non tournament format).

Play out each hole as you normally would trying to shoot the lowest score possible.  In order to win the skin an individual must shoot the lowest score on a hole (no ties) than any other player in the group.  In the event of a tie, the skin pushes off to the next hole.

When the BEV CART shows up on the hole you are currently playing, points awarded for the hole are now worth DOUBLE.  (Example:  If 1 point is usually given out for a skin, then 2 points are given out for a skin if the BEV CART shows up)

You can clarify your own specific rules about where the BEV CART needs to be and at what point during the hole.

Don’t forget to grab a cold beverage and snack.  (fyi: additional points are not awarded for hitting on the gal working the cart)

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