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Fore Fun’s Salted Nut Roll 

Golf Team Fundraising Opportunity

If your golf team is looking for a fun and simple way to raise some money for your upcoming season, look no further!  Fore Fun partnered with Pearson’s Candy to package their famous, Salted Nut Roll, as the new Official Snack of Golf and we distribute the bar to courses around the country.  The Salted Nut Roll is sold in over 1,000 golf courses along with at concession stands of some of the largest professional events: US Open, Ryder Cup, Waste Management Open, The Players Championship and many more.

The Salted Nut Roll is a perfect on-course snack offering a 1.8oz  gluten free, 8 gram protein, tasty treat.  The center is white fluffy nougat layered with salted Virginia peanuts and a little bit of caramel!

How the Fundraising Works

  • Your team buys Salted Nut Roll boxes at our wholesale costs: $17.00 per box of 24 bars.
  • Your team resells Nut Rolls to their friends, family, fans, and golfing connections.
    • Recommended resale value $30.00/box  OR  $2.00/ individual bar.
    • Fore Fun sells boxes of bars around the country for $30/box at the Fore Fun store online.
  • Your team will profit between $8 – $31.00/box for your team.
  • Must purchase minimum of 24 boxes to start.  Order in quantities of 12 boxes.
  • FREE shipping to your team.  Team is responsible for delivering to your end customer.

EXAMPLE of Opportunity:

You have 10 golfers on your team.  Each golfer  sells 5 boxes of bars.  That is 50 total boxes.  On average they sell each box for $30, which is a $13 profit per box.

$13/box  X  50 boxes = $650 profit for your team!

Want to get started today?!?

Email or give us a call to get started! / 952-270-5428

Want to sample a Salted Nut Roll sample before you make your decision?  Send us an email:

Background on Fore Fun:

Fore Fun LLC was created by entrepreneur, BJ Viau, out of his love for golf and passion for entrepreneurship.  Through an entrepreneurship class while obtaining his MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business in 2015, BJ partnered with Pearson’s Candy to re-package the Salted Nut Roll is golf packaging and created a distribution company to bring the beloved Salted Nut Roll to golf courses around the country!

BJ grew up playing high school and collegiate sports in Minnesota where fundraising was always part of being on the team.  He also created a basketball fundraiser in his hometown that helped raise over 1M dollars towards education and research for Huntington’s Disease.  The skills that he learned while selling and fundraising door-door or to friends/family have helped create a successful career in sales, public speaking and entrepreneurship.  The goal of creating this high school fundraising opportunity is to give teams the opportunity to raise some easy funds, but more importantly to encourage high school golfers to get away from their phones, computers, Nintendo and television to work on their selling skills which will benefit them tremendously in whatever they pursue in their professional career.

If any of your teams or individuals are interested in speaking with BJ about entrepreneurship or sales, he is more than happy to set up a call/webinar.  Reach out to him with any questions: