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Its been 7 1/2 years since Tiger won a major. Most recently, his 2015 campaign was plagued by injury, leading him to his current world rank: 416. Don’t rub your eyes, you saw it.  There is a 4 in front of the number 1, and a 6 behind it.  So maybe Elin Nordegren , Tiger’s ex wife, got it right. Albeit for vastly different reasons, Elin moved on from Tiger Woods. And maybe golf fans should make it their New Year’s resolution to do the same!

However, let’s not move to someone 15 years older, like Elin did by dating Chris Cline for a year. Let’s select a suitor that’s younger than Tiger so we have more Sunday’s to look forward to. There are many good and young golfers to choose from but this week, we’ll look at Brooks Koepka.  Here is a countdown of 5 reasons to be a fan of Brooks:

#5. He’s younger than Tiger.  25 years old or 15 years younger than Tiger, to be exact

#4. Brooks is bold.  An American, Brooks went through The European Challenge Tour to eventually earn a spot of the European Tour, which provided opportunity for a PGA tour card. This deviated from the more common approach of earning a  PGA tour card from the tour

#3. Pounds the driver. 316 yard driving distance, on average, during 2015. asked how Brooks does it.  Flex was his response.  Flex your feet, glutes, back, knees and core at the right time in your swing (not sure what you do, if you are like me with no muscle to flex!)

#2 Brooks is #8 in Ryder Cup points.  If the cut off was today, Brooks would receive an automatic bid to Hazeltine in MN ahead of Matt Kuchar, Patrick Reed and even…. yes… Tiger Woods

#1 He is my pick of the week at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, with 20 to 1 odds to win.

Koepka Driver