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“The Break”

Blog Number 13

Unveiling the 2015 Fore Fun Card 

In 2014, we rolled out the first Fore Fun Card to 198 golf courses across Minnesota. The goal was to introduce a new game/wager to golfers and increase the FUN had on the course.  Golfers grabbed a card in the pro shop, took it out to the first tee and used it to pick a game and explain the rules to the group.   The first season was a success, (Check out a quick recap HERE) but after gathering feedback from the 198 courses distributing the cards, we are excited to announce a few improvements and updates for 2015!


  • Not all golfers realized the card was free.
  • The games we suggested were only for groups of four players.
  • The Salted Nut Roll contest was not well advertised and only for golfers (not courses).
  • We realized that the card needed something more than just games.


  • New Counter Display

We created a very small, professional looking counter display to hold the cards and advertise that they are free cards.

  • Fore Fun’s “Relaxed Rules”

On the back on the card we added these rules to help golfers start off their round with agreed upon group rules.

  • Salted Nut Roll Contest for COURSES

There will be a Salted Nut Roll contest available again for golfers, BUT this year courses will also be eligible to win Nut Rolls for a year as well!

  • Increase your Pro Shop Sales

If your course decides to sell our “40 Games” Booklet in your pro shop there is an advertisement on the card to help increase your sales.

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The ultimate goal for the 2015 Fore Fun Card is to help each group of golfers start out their round in a fun and relaxed style.  This would be an ideal use of the card:

  1. Golfer gets a card from the clubhouse or starter.
  2. On the first tee, golfer uses the card to suggest a fun game/wager to play with their group.
  3. Card is passed around to the group members so they can read the rules of the game.
  4. Golfers flip the card over and agree on a few “relaxed rules” to play by so everyone is on the same page.
  5. Golfers have a lot of fun on the course and come back to play more!

Would your course be interested in distributing the Fore Fun Cards?  As a reminder they are free to you and free to your golfers.  If you are interested, please click HERE and send us your basic information.  We will reach out via a phone call in February/March of 2015 to confirm and explain more.