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This week we’ll check in on Nate, the breakfast baller of our millennial movement.  If you don’t remember NGF’s breakdown of millennial golfers and where breakfast ballers fall, check here.  And here are some other fun facts about breakfast ballers (based on NGF’s findings):

  1. There are 1.4M breakfast ballers, which represents 22% of all millennial golfers

  1. Breakfast ballers play 8 rounds a year, on average.  That’s about twice as much as dabblers and just less than half of throwbackers


Nate would have been considered a breakfast baller in years past but now is looking to graduate from that rank in 2016. First step, he joined Cedar Creek GC in Onalaska Wisconsin, in hopes of playing over 80 rounds this year (much more than breakfast baller’s average). With that membership, he’ll pay for a handicap, so he can post scores and understand how good he is, by official golf metrics.  And paying for a handicap is where golf gets addicting.  As you enter scores after each time out, the USGA will use its algorithm to spit out your handicap (a number used to compare your skill to other golfers) twice a month.  And so the internal competition begins, to always improve that number.

Just how good?  Nate is hoping to turn that average round from 93 to 88, which approximately equates to an improvement from a 19 to a 15 handicap.  Where do I see his improvement coming from? Swing tempo and balance.  Nate’s body and head movement during some swings can be compared to a one legged air dancer at a used car lot.  Never heard of a one legged air dancer?? Click here.   The one legged dancer swing comes out when Nate tries to crush the ball and often times the result is the ball only traveling a few yards.  Limiting these swings and building on his strength off the tee will improve Nate’s scores.  And of course, just like any golfer, Nate has room for improvement in the short game.  Next time we check in with Nate, he should have his first official handicap number.

Until then, Cheers!