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I joined Southview CC in 2015 hoping to improve my game while saving time and money spent on golf. Thank you for reading this summer, here is the conclusion.

First, let me offer a basis for comparison. This summer Trish and I golfed Ridges at Sand Creek, a public MN golf course. We strayed away from Southview for a day as we love Ridges’ layout and it holds a special place in our heart as our wedding site.  Rates were dirt cheap that July 4th weekend at $30 per person.  Then we bought drinks for $30, or $15 per person. And the night ended, as we double dated, with dinner at $40 per person. So about $85 per person, total, for the day.

For the year, with the majority of rounds being played at Southview, we payed $43 per round.  That’s about half what we paid for our Ridges adventure. And the $43 isn’t just golf, a cart, dinner and drinks, it also includes range balls, access to other private courses, fantasy pools, entry into tournaments, along with some golf apparel and equipment for my wife and me. Seem like a good deal? Then, if you consider my tournament winnings, it drops down to $37 per round.

What about time? Ridges took 1 hour and 45 minutes of total commute on top of our 5 hour round. Just shy of 7 hours total. In contrast, Southview is only about 30 minutes of total commute and playing takes 3 and a half hours per round, on average. So only 4 hours away from my place, or 3 hours less than our day at Ridges.

Thus far, Southview is $40 cheaper per round with more benefits than a public course and saves us up to 3 hours per round. Now, last but not least, did I improve?  I didn’t, if you strictly consider handicap.  My ending handicap last year was 6.5 compared to my current 7.9 figure.  However, I feel like my game is more complete.  For example, that 6.5 handicap was due to playing a course, weekly, that suited my game well (4 iron and wedge into par 4s).  At Southview, I had to hit driver straight, which was not my strong suit in the beginning of the year.  However, my confidence in driving has improved mightily, best demonstrated by a FIR on the hole pictured below in October (The Klipper in Oahu).


 If you play a lot of golf and can find an affordable course, becoming a member might be for you.  For the amount of golf we played, there was a definite cost save and Southview’s proximity to our home, saved us a lot of time. As for improvement, maybe you’ll have better luck decreasing your handicap than me if you play more golf!

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