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Reserves are a new idea to the Fore Fun golf pool.  There has been a lot of questions on how this will work so I’ve collected all questions and will answer them below.  Below that, check out some scenarios that might also help you understand better.  And please remember that this is how I am going to do it this year.  I want to gain feedback in 2o17 to review possible changes in 2018!

When do we pick the reserves? 

Reserves will have to be chosen at the beginning of the year along with all your other picks! You will have to number the reserves in order of preference.   The order is for my convenience. I want to prevent the event that your original pick does not play but both reserves are. In that event, I’d have to email to confirm your reserve pick between Monday-Wednesday of the tournament.  That’s a scary commitment for me 🙂

Do we pick 2 reserves for the entire year or per tournament? 

Only need to pick 2 reserves for the entire year! You’ll have 42 picks to submit before the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in early January: 40 tournament picks; 2 reserve picks. 42 picks have to be 42 different golfers.

Do we get to choose when to use the reserves? 

No. The reserves are only eligible if your original pick does not play (not eligible if your pick just misses the cut).  Lets say you have a reserve eligible and your original pick is not playing, you CANNOT elect to save your reserve for another tournament.  Your reserve will automatically be used (again, saving me email time).  And if your original picks and reserves are not playing, your reserves are still available for future use.  Once the reserves are used, they cannot be used again.


Lets say your picks for the first 4 tournaments are as follows:

  • Hyundai Tournament of Champions: John Daly
  • Sony Open: Tiger Woods
  • Career Builder: Tom Watson
  • Farmer Insurance Open: David Duval

Your reserves are, in order:

  1. Webb Simpson
  2. Chris Kirk


At the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, John Daly does not play (because you have to be a winner on the PGA Tour in 2016 to qualify for this tournament).  Neither Webb Simpson nor Chris Kirk are playing.  You have nobody playing but both reserves are still eligible for future use.

At the Sony Open, Tiger Woods does not play.  Webb is the first eligible reserve but he is not playing.  Chris Kirk, your second reserve is playing.  Go Kirk! Chris Kirk becomes your horse for the Sony Open.  And Simpson is still eligible for future use.

At the Career Builder, Tom Watson does not play (his career has already been built!). Webb Simpson is playing and becomes your player.

And when Duval does not play the Farmers Insurance Open, you have exhausted your reserves for the year.  So you don’t have a player that week.