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Reading an inside account of Elin and Tiger’s relationship was a big reason for picking up “Out of the Rough” (Steve Williams book on Tiger Woods). However, much like “The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods” (Hank Haney’s book), Williams stayed away from edgy commentary surrounding the infamous relationship.

There are many more similarities between the two books. Haney and Williams both talk about their personal upbringing (which you should skim over). Each book describes a bitter end to their personal relationship with Tiger (See Stephen A Smith’s reaction to Steve Williams last tournaments with Tiger). And the best content of Haney’s and Williams’ book even share a common theme: Tiger’s major run.

I always rooted against Tiger growing up (I like the underdogs) but reading about his golf major dominance just never gets old. Especially the climax in the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines where Tiger limped around the course in pain, yet was so determined to win. So determined, Tiger told Williams “F*ck off, I’m winning this tournament”, after Williams suggested a withdrawal. Woods forced a playoff (he’d win the playoff) with a magical putt on 18, which Williams proclaims as a top 5 shot ever witnessed.

Even though Williams doesn’t divulge much about Tiger & Elin’s relationship, his book is worth a read. 14 majors in 12 years lays the foundation and insight on Tiger’s interactions with Phil and Sergio is icing on the cake. Pick up a copy here.

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