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This week, we check in with our millennial “throwbacker”, Jake Miller. If you don’t remember what a throwbacker is, check this previous blog:┬á

Jake’s an assistant pro at my home course, Southview. Every once in a while he’ll sneak out early to golf a few holes with me. The first thing I noticed about Jake is that his body type is similar to Marc Leishman ­čÖé . And Jake’s swing and grip are both unconventional. Most right handed golfers interlock their left hand pointer finger with the right hand pinky but Jake uses a baseball grip (see picture below). His swing contains a series of moves implemented to prevent hooks (right to left ball flight).┬á Phil, the director of golf at Southview, on Jake’s swing “I wouldn’t teach his move to anybody.” And Jake admitted it too when I asked if he would ever take lessons, “Nobody could teach me a little trick to strike the ball better without totally remaking my swing.”

Image result for interlocking gripImage result for baseball grip golf

Similar to a throwbacker, Jake had family influence him to golf at a young age and currently golfs a lot. Unlike a throwbacker, Jake doesn’t always putt a 4 footer while golfing casually. Why? Not to artificially improve his handicap.. its because he’s good. When I asked him about it he simply said, “I just practice 4 footers for 20 minutes before a competition and never miss them during a competition.” If that were true for me, I’d always pick up my 4 footers too.

Okay, so how good is Jake? Here are some quick lifetime stats: 15 holes in one; 2 albatross (that’s 2 shots to complete a par 5). How many times has he eagled a par 4 (that’s 2 shots on a par 4)? He didn’t know. But he told me about a time when he called his shot. Told his foursome that he would make his next shot from 120 yards away. And then he did! I’d say Jake’s pretty good.

I’m excited to golf and chat with Jake this summer as he saves money for┬á┬átournament qualifiers. And in future blogs we’ll find out more about Jake’s wonderful personality, his competitive golf results and future plans.