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Fore Fun Tees It Up FORE The Troops 

May 1, 2016

Fore Fun (that’s us writing this blog) started out with a mission to make golf more fun by distributing new/fun products into the golf industry.  We are thrilled to announce that not only are we going to keep doing this, but we are going to be able to add something much more meaningful to our mission.

We just partnered with Tee It Up for the Troops, a national non-profit organization, to donate 5% of profits from Salted Nut Roll sales at golf courses around the country.  This means that any time a Salted Nut Roll (packaged in a golf wrapper) is sold at a golf course!  It’s that easy!   We also partnered with our friends at Pearson’s Candy (manufacturer of the Salted Nut Roll) to make sure every participant at a Tee It Up event in 2016 will receive a free Salted Nut Roll in their goodie bag!


Tee It Up’s impact is unique and differentiated:

  • They focus their fund raising efforts toward an immediate impact for veterans and their families at both the local and national level.  50% of funds raised stays in the community hosting the event.
  • They offer an EMOTIONAL experience for those in attendance at our golf events — veterans, golfers, volunteers, sponsors and the general public.
  • They target their efforts across the most pressing areas of need (physical, psychological and emotional) – with priority emphasis in supporting PTS research and treatment, suicide prevention, employment, rehabilitation, and athletics equipment and services.

Both Jeremy and I (B.J) have had relatives and friends serve in the armed forces and we truly value  the freedom and experiences we are given by men and women serving our country.  Because of these feelings it was a no brainer to partner with a cause that support our veterans, especially through hosting golf tournaments!

Couple thoughts:

1.  If you are a golf course or know anyone who works at a golf course, I encourage you to carry theNEW Salted Nut Roll Salted Nut Rolls at your course!  Whether it’s in the snack area, beverage cart, pro shop, at tournaments or anywhere else, the Salted Nut Roll will be a killer awesome product!  It’s a fantastic product that your golfers will love and now it’s helping a worthy cause!  To order Salted Nut Rolls, simply email me ( or use our online wholesale site…

2.  If you are ever interested in getting involved in a cause and want to host a golf tournament, you should check out and inquire about hosting your own event.  It’s a great cause to be a part of and a rewarding opportunity to give back.

Thanks FORE reading this post and supporting our cause!

-BJ @ Fore Fun