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There are 40 tournaments spanning from the Hyundai Tournament of Champions (Jan 5th) through the Tour Championship (end of September).  For this golf pool, you select a golfer for all 40 tournaments before the first tournament (Jan 5th).  A golfer cannot be picked twice throughout the year.   And, for the first time, we will also be piloting a “reserve” list this year.

RESERVES?? Please Explain.

It stinks when your golfer does not play on any given weekend.  And injuries, leave of absences (think Dustin Johnson) and mandatory military leaves (think Sang Moon Bae) are hard to predict. So this year, each entrant will preselect two reserves.  How exactly that will work?  Check out this link which features a Q&A to help explain:


You get paid by your picks making money.  If your week 1 pick makes 100K and then your week 2 pick makes 100K… you have 200K total.  We’ll add up the earnings at the end of the year (40 tournaments) and after each quarter (10 tournaments).  The quarterly payouts are clean slate.  I.E.  Your quarter 1 through quarter 3 performance does not impact your chances at a payout in quarter 4.


The Entry Fee is $110 for the entire year, with an expected $20,000 to be in the pot. The quarterly payouts are as follows:

1st Place 3.00%
2nd place 2.50%
3rd place 2.25%
4th place 2.00%
5th place 1.75%
6th place 1.25%
7th place 0.75%
 Total     13.5%


And the full year payout will go as follows:

1st Place 9.50%
2nd place 5.50%
3rd place 4.50%
4th place 4.00%
5th place 3.50%
6th place 3.25%
7th place 3.00%
8th place 2.75%
9th place 2.50%
10th place 2.00%
11th place 1.75%
12th place 1.50%
13th place 1.25%
14th place 1.00%
 Total 46.00%



Well, certainly.  Early bird gets the worm, right? This is my first year running the pool so will gladly give a $5 discount if you submit your picks by December 20th.  That should help me get all the data gathered for prompt reporting!

What if I refer a friend?  Great.  $10 off your entry fee.