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The Break

C Grade Fantasy Picks 

Emiliano Grillo, Smylie Kaufman and Peter Malnati have two things in common: 1) They’ve won a PGA tour tournament in the 2016 wrap around season 2) They played on the tour last year.  Not only do these winners demonstrate the parity and talent depth on tour, they add an unpredictability of players in the hunt on Sunday.

You might argue that these golfers are winning because top golfers aren’t regularly playing right now. And you’re right, however, now is when you start to see impact golfers hit the scene… the Chris Kirks, Jimmy Walkers, Jordan Spieths and Brooks Koepkas of the world.

So what?! What’s your point, Jer? What’s fun about this blog? Well betting/gambling is fun to me. Learning about new players and their story is fun as well and small weekly betting can make this all happen.  Just like fantasy football creating a new craze for the NFL, golf needs more people to put some wagers down each weekend to get the golf popularity going again.

Each week, I will pick a player to finish in the top 10.  The only rule is that they have to be 5 to 1 odds or worse (C Grade picks), meaning a return of $5 if I were betting. Through this blog, we’ll keep track of my winners and losers while providing mini bio on the golfers.  Have some fun and throw a small amount of money down on the event this weekend.

Check back tomorrow to see our first pick.  Cheers!