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Fore Fun Conquers The Villages 10th Annual Golf Expo

After living in Florida from December 2015 through March 2015, I kept hearing about this place called The Villages.  I wasn’t really sure what it was. The stories varied from person to person.  Was it a city?  A community?  A bunch of golf courses?  A retirement area?  What I did understand was it sounded like a place I needed to visit and introduce the Salted Nut Roll to.

I stumbled on a flier about The Villages 10th Annual Golf Expo and knew I needed to get there to introduce the Salted Nut Roll to their golfers.  I set out on March 11-12th, 2016 and boy was I in for a fun two days!TVGF logo - Media

Day 1 I arrived 15 minutes before the show started and it felt like I was two hours late.  I guess the whole saying growing up playing sports “if you’re on time for practice then you’re actually late”, is also is true at the Villages Golf Expo.  People were swarming the booth looking for samples at 8:45am!  Seven hours felt like seven minutes as I dished out almost 1,500 Salted Nut Roll samples in day one.  Day 2 was pretty much identical although I showed up an hour earlier this time!


Whether attendees were old Nut Roll fanatics from the MidWest or new fanatics from somewhere else around the country, everyone loved sampling (and purchasing) the Salted Nut Roll. Other than the Fore Fun booth there was a lot going throughout the day from club demos to trick shot shows to other cool vendors dishing out fun items.  A well spent couple days on my part and I look forward to getting back next year for the 11th Annual!

Big thanks to all of the attendees that came by and enjoyed the Salted Nut Roll samples!

-BJ @ Fore Fun