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June 22, 2016

Fore Fun flew out to the much anticipated 3-day Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in Sacramento.  This was their 41st annual event and 5,000+ people were in attendance.

haggin oaks asdgf

The three days was filled with golf, golf and more golf!  Golfers were able to come and enjoy the beautiful weather, test out the latest and great products and of course eat plenty of Salted Nut Rolls!  We enjoyed interacting with golfers and letting every sample our some product fore the first time.  A couple other bonuses were working on our tan in the 90+ degree sunshine and getting some great putting pointers from our friends at  If you are ever looking for some putting strategy tips, check these guys out.

We also met a another good friend in the industry that came out with a FLAT OUT BETTER TEE!  Check these guys out,  Flat-Tee™ is designed and manufactured with the two tee-heights most often recommended by golf professionals to hit irons and hybrids from the driving range mat or tee box. Players are assured of a consistent tee-height, every swing.

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HAggin Oaks Collage