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 Man playing golf.



Fore Fun started as a company in 2014 all about making golf more fun!  All of the golf industry reports said that people weren’t playing as much golf because they weren’t having enough fun. That just didn’t make any sense to us because we couldn’t get enough of the fun that golf provides.

Our goal was to bring new and fun products to the golf industry ForeFunBookthrough direct distribution to golf courses, golf shops, golf tournaments and golfers.  We started off with a specially designed
card that we gave away to course and then a book we sold that easily explained the rules of our favorite on-course golf games/wages.

Over this 12 month mission of making golf more fun, we found apartner in Pearson’s Candy, the maker of the famous, Salted Nut Roll!  Through this partnership we solved their problem of needing a distributor to get their Salted Nut Roll into golf courses nationwide.  We did this by re-packagine the original red wrapper into the Official Snack of Golf wrapper and creating the Fore Fun Distribution business unit.

Fore Fun Distribution Takes Off….

After getting the Nut Roll into golf courses around the country for their snack shacks, pro shops, beverage carts and tournaments – customers/courses starting requesting more snack products to purchase so we went out and found more snacks!  Fore Fun Distribution now distributes four products nationwide and over 20+ products in the southern Florida golf market.  If you are a golf club and are interested in purchasing snacks for your clubhouse at wholesale prices, please shoot us an email for the most current sales sheet.  Our mission is to be the go-to snack distributor fore golf courses across the country – helping fuel every golfer’s on-course experience!

B.J. Viau (View) – Owner


BJ Viau (View) is Fore Fun’s President and self proclaimed ‘Awesome Sales Guy’.  A lover of good people and a Curious George at heart.  In 2016 he door knocked over 1,300 golf courses to kick start the Salted Nut Roll business.  His background is in selling niche pharmaceutical products for orphan diseases.  He figured going to beautiful golf courses instead of hospitals on a daily basis would make him more happy.   BJ has his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management focusing on Entrepreneurship & Innovation.  He now resides full-time in beautiful, Boca Raton, FL.  You’ll find him on the couch watching Shark Tank every night thinking of new ways to start and grow businesses.  He is also the chairman and co-founder of an international not for profit called the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization that he started with some friends in 2011 (  Connect with BJ through any of his social media:  Instagram: ForeFunGolfing     Twitter: @BJsView    LinkedIn:

Favorite game to play: Vegas

Go-to beverage on the course: Lemonade w/ a good amount of vodka

Favorite Course:  The Boulders – Scottsdale, AZ

Handicap: Fluctuates between a 7-11 yearly.

Stay up to par on Fore Fun

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