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Man playing golf.Fore Fun started as a company all about making golf more fun!  All of the golf industry reports say that people aren’t playing as much golf today because they are not having enough fun. That just doesn’t make any sense to us because here at Fore Fun we can’t get enough of the fun that golf provides.  Instead of being selfish, we want to share it with all of you!

Our goals are to bring new and fun products to the golf industry through direct distribution to golf courses, golf shops, golf tournaments and golfers.  These products/services are either created by Fore Fun itself or through partnerships with other companies looking to get into the golf market.  The goal of these products/services are to enhance the on-course experience you have during a round.

Fore Fun Distribution – your go-to golf snack distributor.

Fore Fun Distribution started after  a consulting project with Pearson’s Candy to figure out how to get one of their products, Salted Nut Roll, into golf courses around the country.  After extensive research and a week at the PGA Show in 2015, Fore Fun went back to Pearson’s and recommended rebranding the package as the Official Snack of

Official Snack of Golf

Golf and also created a distribution platform for courses to get the bars shipped directly to them.  After launching the Nut Roll across the country, Fore Fun Distribution started adding other golf snacks to make it super easy for courses to get their hands on a variety of snacks meant for golfers!  Any golf course can purchase the Salted Nut Roll, other golf snacks or other Fore Fun items by simply sending us an email, info @ or creating an account on and using the shopping cart.


Why are games so important?

The goal of this consumer website is to connect golfers with the rules of all of the on-course games and wagers.  We bet that 95% of avid golfers play some type of betting game on the golf course. When you ask them why, it is a very simple answer – “because it makes it more fun”.  Whether you are a beginner and you


don’t know these games or if you are a veteran and need a new game to play with your friends, we have what you are looking for. We hope you browse the site, check out the games – play them, rate them, comment about them, tweet about them, but also send us an email if you think we are missing some games (we knowwe are)!  If you are having fun playing a game on the golf course, we want to hear about it!  We also created a book that will fit perfectly in your golf bag to remind you of the rules to the 40 most popular games.  Check it out here!

Stay up to par on Fore Fun

Like everyone else on the planet we are on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.  Give us a follow! We post and retweet anything fun involving golf – so send us what you are doing!

B.J. Viau (View) – Owner


BJ Viau (View) is Fore Fun’s President and self proclaimed ‘Awesome Sales Guy’.  A lover of good people and a Curious George at heart.  In 2016 he door knocked over 1,300 golf courses to kick start the Salted Nut Roll business.  His background is in selling niche pharmaceutical products for orphan diseases.  He figured going to beautiful golf courses instead of hospitals on a daily basis would make him more happy.   BJ is finishing up an MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management focusing on Entrepreneurship and marketing.  He lives in Chicago for part time and Boca Raton the other part.  You’ll find him on the couch watching Shark Tank every night thinking of new ways to start and grow businesses.  He is also the chairman and co-founder of an international not for profit called the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (  Connect with BJ through any of his social media:  Instagram: ForeFunGolfing     Twitter: @BJsView    LinkedIn:

Favorite game to play: Vegas

Go-to beverage on the course: Lemonade w/ a good amount of vodka

Favorite Course:  The Boulders – Scottsdale, AZ

Handicap: Fluctuates between a 7-11 yearly.

Jeremy Imker – Owner

JER20 years ago, Jer’s golf love affair began with a hand-me-down set of clubs.  As he grew out of that set, he scoured garage sales and borrowed clubs to keep hacking. In college, he played Fox Hollow Golf Course, where he paid $300 for a summer membership. It was there, he hooked another golfer for life: his future wife, Tricia. He has loved playing the last 20 years and can’t wait to share and influence others (like his wife) to have fun on the course!  Jer knows every game in and out for the course and is also a Fantasy Golf fanatic and runs a big yearly league….do need a perfect game fore your group or want to join a great Fantasy Golf League? If so, shoot him an email:

Favorite game to play:  Bridge

Go to beverage on the course: Phillips Hot 100 as a #birdiewhistle (take a pull every time  you get a birdie)

Favorite Course:  The Wilderness at Fortune Bay. Lake Vermillion, MN

Handicap: 6 (it was a 11.5 in 2012)