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The Break Blog

  1. Reserves Explained

    Reserves are a new idea to the Fore Fun golf pool.  There has been a lot of questions on how this will work so I’ve collected all questions and will answer them below.  Below that,…

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  2. Fore Fun Golf Pool FKA Bob Diamond Pool

    FORMAT. There are 40 tournaments spanning from the Hyundai Tournament of Champions (Jan 5th) through the Tour Championship (end of September).  For this golf pool, you select a golfer for all 40 tournaments before the…

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  3. Fore Fun Conquers (well attempts) Florida!

    September 1, 2016 The Break Fore Fun Conquers (attempts) Florida!  Attends PCI Expo and CMAA Summit July and August were a busy month for the Fore Fun boys as they were running around letting the…

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